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Jun 2016

Do you want to be more digitally-savvy? Want to walk the walk and know how to talk the talk? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Google Digital Academy.
Programmatic Masterclass Learn how to make programmatic the core vehicle for marketing with Programmatic Masterclass.
Article Jun 2016
Brand Solutions Masterclass Take the 'Digital Brand Challenge' to help leverage digital across the entire customer journey.
Article Jun 2016
Mobile Masterclass Learn how to use the full value of Mobile with the help of the Mobile Masterclass.
Article Jun 2016
Squared Online Looking to upskill in digital? Look no further with Squared Online.
Article Jun 2016
Can your marketing organisation excel in the new digital world? Take the Talent Revolution survey to find out. Discover if your marketing organisation has the capabilities to excel in the new digital world by taking Google Digital Academy's Talent Revolution survey.
Article Apr 2016
About Us Meet the people behind the Google Digital Academy courses.
Article Jun 2016

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